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company news about How to choose pet food equipment mold?

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How to choose pet food equipment mold?
Latest company news about How to choose pet food equipment mold?

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We often encounter the problem that companies do not know whether to choose dry puffing or wet puffing equipment at the beginning. Objectively speaking, wet puffing equipment is more suitable for modern industrial production, with high output, low energy consumption and relatively stable product quality. However, due to the large capital investment, many sites do not allow the resettlement of coal-fired facilities and other pressures, some companies are forced to give up. At this time, it depends on the specific situation of the company. Generally speaking, for those with low investment and small scale For enterprises, or some professional dog farms, it is more appropriate to choose a small dry extruder, because the dry extruder requires a small area, saves the investment of coal-fired pressure equipment, and operates It's relatively simple. However, for those enterprises with high output requirements and a certain scale, small dry extruder equipment is difficult to meet future demand in any case.

The reason why pet food finally becomes various beautiful shapes is determined by the "molding" in the last step of the puffing process, and the molding is determined by the mold, what shape to choose, and what mold to use. This is also an aesthetic. There are bone-shaped, triangular, cylindrical, cuboidal, etc. common problems on the market. Although these shapes are meaningless to pets, the size of pet food particles and whether they are easy for pets to eat and swallow are not. It has a direct impact on palatability. For pet dogs, those particles that are too small or too large for small dogs are inconvenient to eat or even refuse to eat. They will hinder the normal eating habits of pet dogs and will be palatable. Sex plays a negative role. Moreover, the beauty of pet food pellets also affects the desire of pet owners to buy. What kind of pellets are preferred by pet owners, and what shapes are matched to make people look more comfortable? According to survey data from a professional pet industry website, more than 40% of pet owners consider the shape of the pellet first when choosing pet food. It is generally accepted that oval, disc or cylindrical shapes are the most acceptable, followed by triangles. , Cube, bone shape, for other strange shapes, unless they have a very high reputation, they are generally not easy to choose.

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